Parish Committees


The St. Luke’s Leadership Team, formed in February 2016 by Fr. Joseph, is a team of parishioners who meet to discuss matters relating to the parish, act as an advisory group to Fr. Joseph and also offer support to all other groups in the parish.  The focus of the SLLT is to embed the St. Luke’s 2020 Vision into all that we do across the parish and to enrich and re-energise our parish community.


Chris Manchee (Chair), Gerard Porter (Deputy Chair), Therese Day, John O’Sullivan, Vivian Allard, Denham Harvie, Luke Murphy, Kaye Edgell, Gerry Paldano, Louise Mckay (School) and Lyne Nelsen (After School Care).


The role of the Finance Committee is to assist the Parish Priest in his tasks of administering the parish Finances, maintaining the parish properties, planning for the future capital works and raising the necessary funds.

Members of the Parish Finance Committee are appointed by the Parish Priest for a term of three years. members maybe reappointed but some changes of the membership is to take place every three years.

Members of the Finance Committee are to be honest, known for their integrity and  actively committed to the practice of the faith.

The Parish Priest may either chair the meeting personally or may invite the Finance Committee to elect a chairman. Meetings must be held at least  every three months and may be held more often at the discretion of the Parish Priest.

Duties of the Finance Committee are to assist the Parish Priest in Preparation of an annual budget of income and expenditure for the coming year. Preparation of an annual report to the parishioners concerning parish finances. Preparation in the long term cash flow estimates to provide for future capital works and major maintenance requirements. Identifying and managing areas of risk to the financial viability of the parish. Conduct a review of all parish insurances annually . Ongoing review  and management of monthly income and expenses .


Harry Allard (Chair), Chris Williams, Michael Cameron, Bernard Negline (Parish Accountant).


The Socio-Pastoral team was initiated by inviting the leaders of all current groups to come together as a team. The purpose of the team is to create an avenue of communications between parish groups and the wider parish community and also discuss parish issues. The co-ordination team has the opportunity to become a vibrant, spirit –inspired group, great for fresh ideas and illustrative of a dynamic Parish.


School: Monique Plimmer
School Care: Lyne Nelson
Sacramental/Liturgy: Marilynne Sontag
Hospital Visitation: Frank Chatelier
Take Mary Home: Malcolm Nunis
Junior Youth Group: Joanne Steen
Knox Deanery: Kaye Edgell
Music Group: Daphne Cheah
Youth Group: Amanda Freeman
Mondays For Me:
Friendship Group Pat Norman
Memorial Garden: Sandra Hayden
St Vinnies/Piety Stall: Chris Williams
Netball Club: Elizabeth Calder
Baptism Team: Joan Lee
Divine Mercy Prayer Group: Rosalind Paul

The purpose of the commissioning of a Church Refurbishment Committee is to assist the Parish Priest in  the task of preparing a design brief ,colour scheme and  costings to upgrade the interior and exterior of the church to bring the church building back up to an acceptable standard after 35 years of wear and tear.

The Refurbishment Committee must  operate within the budget nominated by the  Parish Finance Committee. The Refurbishment committee is required to obtain the approval of parishioners on its recommendations.

Greg Chatelier, an Architect, has donated his services to assist the Refurbishment Committee in all aspects of the design plan and costings and managing the project. Greg reports directly to the Parish Priest.


Chris Williams, Harry Allard, Michael Cameron, Ian Anderson, Mario Mattioli, Gerard Porter and Gerry Paldano.