Our Parish Time Line


13/14 July: Support a Student Saler

2 June: Parish Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser

26 May: Oz Rosary Australia

19 May: Farewell and Thank You morning tea for Fr. Michael

5 April: Lenten Healing and Deliverance Retreat – Power in the Word of God presented by Br. Johnson Sequira

16 March: Thank You Volunteers Luncheon

8 February: Plenary Council meeting

6 January: Farewell Fr. Joseph and Welcome Fr. Michael Morgan


8/9 December: Advent Mission 2018 – Living Icons presented by Matthew MacDonald

21 October: St. Luke’s Day and Parish Community Fete

7 October: Global Rosary

24 July: Touch of Heaven – Alan Ames Ministry

21/22 July: The Four Step Retreat conducted by the Community of the Risen Lord

1 July: United prayers for Youth – Prayers for Australia – 10th Anniversary of WYD in Sydney

16 June: World Youth Day 2008 – 10th Anniversary Reunion

3 June: Corpus Christi Feast

19/20 May: Support a Student Sale

8 April: Divine Mercy Feast & Commencement Parish Centre refurbishment

18 March: Thank You Volunteers Lunch

15 March: Lenten Healing Retreat by Br. Johnson Sequira

17/18 Feb and 24/25 Feb: 2018 Lenten Mission presented by the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth.

29 Jan – 4 Feb: 2018 Summer retreat ‘Seeking the Mind of Christ’conducted by Br. Lalith Perera

14 January: Fr. Joseph Celebrates his Silver Ordination Jubilee

Fr. Joseph celebrates with our parish his Silver Ordination Jubilee
(28 Dec 1992 - 28 Dec 2017).

After the 10:00am Thanksgiving Mass, many parishioners came together to join Fr. Joseph in the parish hall for morning tea. A wonderful morning was had by everyone celebrating Fr. Joseph's milestone. Chris Williams gave an informative and entertaining speech and presentation to Fr. Joseph on behalf of the parish.

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25/26 November: St. Luke's Cake Stall

Thank you to all the wonderful cooks of St Luke’s who made delicious cakes, slices and biscuits, along with the olives and jams. We have raised $747.00 for our Parish.
It was a great effort on the part of everyone since the weather was so hot and you must have all "slaved over hot stoves", as the saying goes.
Thank you for your generosity and support of our Parish.

29 October: St. Luke's New Parishioners Lunch

A casual gathering and lunch was held on Sunday 29 October in the parish centre to welcome our new parishioners. We are pleased that you have come to St Luke’s and hope that you will soon make this faith community your home.

A big thanks to the committee members who attended to meet and greet these families.

22 October: St. Luke's Day Celebration

Although the sky was grey overcast and drizzling with rain, we all had a great day to reflect on the great St Luke, Evangelist, and beloved physician, after whom our parish is named; especially to have a beautiful Mass celebrated by Monsignor Greg Bennet, wonderful music and singing. It is joy for us to celebrate our great parish, our sense of commitment to our God, and to our fellow parishioners.

A big thanks to:

  1. the members of the Socio-Pastoral Team who coordinated our Devonshire tea;
  2. the members of the Leadership Team who showed great BBQ skills;
  3. the teachers of St. Luke's school, especially Miss Jackie who coordinated activities for the kids;
  4. our scone and cake makers
  5. those who did the shopping
  6. others who worked hard on the day.

It was a lovely surprise to have the Nuns of The Alliance of the Two Hearts here with us. We know that both Fr. Joseph and parishioners are supported by their prayers.

We are trail blazers!! We had the launch of Eleanor Nunis’ newest book "Unsung Heroes" which you will enjoy reading very much. We wish Eleanor success with the book.

Lastly, but by no means least, to Fr. Joseph, now is the time to thank you too. He said in one of his first homilies at St. Luke's that he wanted to be the shepherd of this community. Thank you for leading us to Our Lord, and leading our parish to moving forward, to bigger and even greater thing than we have now. Days like this bring our community closer together and we all enjoyed ourselves. As shepherd, you are doing great work!

Chris Williams

Chairperson of St Luke's Socio-Pastoral Coordinating Team

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18 August: Parish Dinner Dance

The parish dinner dance was held at the Hungarian Community Centre, Wantirna

It was a wonderful night of fine dining, dancing and having fun. It was freezing on the night, but we all had warm hearts. Approximately 120 parishioners and their families and friends attended, taking the opportunity to catch up with those we don’t see that often or to meet new friends.

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12 August: Thanksgiving Mass and Church Blessing

The re-opening of the church and Thanksgiving Mass was held on Saturday 12 August 2017 at 6:30pm.

The Mass was celebrated by Most Rev. Archbishop Denis Hart and con-celebrated by our parish priest, Fr. Joseph Amal, SDB.

The following article authored by parishioner Chris Williams was published on the melbournecatholic.org.au web site on 18 August 2017

St Luke’s, Wantirna: Thanksgiving Mass and Blessing

Parishioners from St Luke’s Church in Wantirna are delighted with the Church’s recent refurbishments and with the substantial numbers that came together in unity to be present at its blessing.

The blessing took place on Saturday 12 August and Most Rev. Archbishop Denis Hart and Parish Priest Fr Joseph Amal SDB concelebrated the Thanksgiving Mass.

Prior to the blessing, Archbishop Hart reminded us that Holy Water was a symbol of our Baptism and that challenges would always be a part of our lives.

He told us that through trusting in Jesus and believing in his healing power and grace, life itself was a gift from God and that we should always be aware of his presence. This awareness would help us to overcome inner difficulties and problems within our lives and families.

The Holy Spirit has had its way along the journey when we encountered road blocks and difficulties.

Major works have been done and the sense of ‘sacred place’ was felt on the night inside a packed out St Luke’s. It was yet another milestone in the life of our beautiful Parish. We all felt a renewed sense of ownership and belonging to the Church.

There is a deep knowledge of God’s presence and a sense of achievement and pride in the works that have been done. This is a new beginning for St Luke’s and for the lives of our parishioners

Bound together in love of our Church and the love of the Lord who made us in his own image and likeness, the choir led the singing and all the community sang with purpose and unity.

We now have a deeper and renewed awareness of God in our lives. We have a beautiful place to celebrate Mass, to pray and allow the Lord to speak to us, touch our hearts and draw us closer to him

Chris Williams, St Luke's Parish Wantirna

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8 August: Last Mass celebrated in our temporary church in the parish centre.

After 12 weeks of refurbishment work, the last Mass in the parish centre was held on Tuesday morning, 8 August 2017.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped relocate the church from the parish centre back to the refurbished church on Tuesday and Wednesday, making it ready for the first Mass in our refurbished church on Wednesday evening, 9 August 2017.

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23 May: Work begins on the much needed church refurbishment.

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7 May: Working Bee to Set Up Temporary Church in the Parish Hall

A big thank you to all the enthusiastic volunteers who helped with the move. Despite the showers and a little rain, we were able to move out our church’s furnishings and items to be stored in the School as well as set up our temporary Church in the Parish Centre for our Mass celebrations. Your help and efforts were very much appreciated. It was great to see the buzz and excitement as we prepared for the upcoming works. We hope that our move to the Parish Centre has been seamless and look forward to celebrating our Masses there over the next few weeks.

Let the Church Refurbishment Works begin!!!!

30April: Morning Tea to Celebrate Pat & Alf Norman's Golden Wedding Anniversary

Our wonderful Parishioners Alf and Pat Norman celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary at the end of the Month.

After the special 10:00am Mass, Fr. Joseph and the Community of St Luke’s shared a celebratory morning tea in their honour. We thank God for their union together, their three beautiful daughters and their families.

For the wonderful contribution both Alf and Pat have made to the wellbeing and growth of St. Luke’s Parish, we congratulate them both, on 50 years of wedded bliss!!! And for the friendships they have shared with each of us.

26-28 April: Trees Infront of Church & Parish Centre Are Removed

The removal of trees so that the church's refurbishment work can be commenced has reached its completion. Thank you to everyone who assisted, especially Chris Williams and Michael Cameron for coordinating this project very well from getting the permit from the Knox council, dealing with the contractors to clearing up.

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24-26 February: Fatima Centennial Celebration

Over the 3 days of events, we were honoured by the visit of the Vicar General, Monsignor Greg Bennett, who concelebrated Mass with Fr. Joseph at our usual Saturday evening Mass.

Congratulations and thanks to all in our community who made the Centennial celebrations of Our Lady of Fatima's visit a great resounding spiritual success. I am grateful to the team work of selfless sacrifices rendered by the Alliance of the Two Hearts brothers and sisters, and everyone in our community for their service, time and generous donation to realise this great event of Faith rejuvenation, not just for our Parish community alone, but for the three of the Villa Maria HOME, their elderly residences and for the neighbourhood parish communities as well. May the Marian dimension of Catholic spirituality always be a source of Veneration to take us to the higher realms of worshipping and experiencing the DIVINE.

Fr. Joseph Amal SDB

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16 October: St Luke’s Day Fete and Art Show

14 August: Curry Day

On behalf of the curry day team members,

I want to say a big THANK YOU for all the efforts which was contributed by Fr Joseph, motivating and inspiring our team members in various aspects, if he wouldn't have motivated and inspired us, we wouldn't have been able to work towards an successful event.

I would like to THANK Mrs. Louise McKay the Principal of St. Luke's School, putting in her effort to coordinate the Bollywood dance for the event, entertaining our St. Luke's community. I also would like to thank her for the generosity in making the school hall available to us for the event.

I would like to THANK our Parish secretary Mrs. Linda Kusumawati in helping us to coordinate in various aspects for the event.

I would like to THANK the parishioners of St. Luke's community in getting involved themselves volunteering your precious time and effort in various aspects for the greater good of the community and also very generous in lending your pots, dishes, cutlery, plates, setting up and tidying up the space and many more, to make the curry day another successful event. I also would like to THANK the parishioners for your generosity in purchasing raffle tickets, through we have raised $524.00, which we are glad to donate the money towards the welfare of our church

Last but not least I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the dedicated volunteers and team members volunteering your precious time, effort, money, thoughts to make the event a successful one. Without all your hard work, we wouldn't have had the curry day a successful one.

The day ran smoothly, parishioners stayed for extended periods of time and seemed to enjoy themselves, had many good comments, and overall the day was a success. Curry Day is a huge event and it wouldn’t be possible without the assistance of countless people who help prepare ahead of time, work during the event itself, and clean up afterwards. It truly is a community event from the team planning it to the people working it. Thank you for helping to make the day possible! I heard many great things from parishioners. During the day many people come up to compliment us on how smoothly the event ran or how successful it seemed. I wanted to share a couple of them with you: “It was great", "The food was yummy, enjoyable", "The dance was amazing", "variety of food"

On the whole it was a great success with the total of 220 people. The 'Curry day' event was a perfect example for the saying "We are all God's children", yes people from all directions came forward to give us a hand. Praise and Thank God for all his goodness and kindness. Let's look forward for many more successful events in the future. “Thanks so much to the lively volunteers.”

Curry Day team members

26 July: Friendship Group Bus Trip to Warragul

10 July: Presentation and a Send Off Mass for Jessica Frizziero, Colleen Bolton and Anthony Kelly to WYD in Poland

29 May: Living Rosary

Sunday 29 May was an exceptional Sunday in the calendar of our St. Luke’s Parish, Wantirna. Not only was it the Feast of the Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ but also the Consecration to Our Mother Mary and receiving her Brown Scapular.

The weather was good, so we could pray the Rosary in the car park at the back of our Church.

Thanks to the contribution of the Brothers and Sisters of the Alliance of the Two Hearts, we conveyed the statue of Our Lady, adorned with flowers, from the Church to the car park where we recited the Rosary. The Brothers and Sisters had inflated helium balloons (White - for the Our Father and Glory Be, and Blue - for the Hail Mary’s).

The object of the exercise was: Every Our Father and Hail Mary was said by an individual who then brought his/her balloon to a Sister who tied one white and ten blue balloons with ribbons, representing a decade of the Rosary. At the end of a decade, the Ave Maria was sung. And this was repeated to form the 5 decades of the Rosary.

After the Rosary was formed, Our Mother was presented with a bouquet of flowers, her scapular and her Rosary by three Parish representatives. She was then crowned Queen of Heaven by Father Joseph.

We then let the Rosary of balloons rise into the sky with shouts of “WE LOVE YOU, MOTHER MARY”.

To end the day, a BBQ lunch was organised and everyone went home inspired by the Holy Mother.

Malcolm Nunis

25 May: Come be the Light of the World

A big thanks to Aneel Aranha for the inspiring message.

To everyone for making this event such a great success, especially to Luzina, Anand, Rosie and Gerry for organizing this event, bringing food and cleaning up.

We had a big turn up despite the poor weather on Wednesday night!

22 May: Parish Luncheon

Our 165 guests were treated to a delicious meal and excellent entertainment.

A big thank you to the entertainers, raffle prize donors and parishioners who helped with the set-up, sell raffle tickets and clean up.

The event was a resounding success. Thanks to the support of everyone who attended. We raised $967.30 for the parish.

Ann & Chris

6 March: St Luke’s 2020 Information Day

12 September: Dedication of the Altar Mass - Celebrated by Archbishop Denis Hart. Concelebrants were Fr. Joseph Amal sdb and Fr. Michel Corriveau. Master of ceremonies was Fr. Giang Tran.

4 March: Fr. Michel Corriveau leaves St. Luke's Parish after being assigned to another parish.
Fr. Joseph Amal sdb. is welcomed to St. Luke's as our parish priest.
1 March: Archbishop Denis Hart visits our parish and celebrates the 6:30pm Mass.
16 October: Fr. Vel Maglica leaves St. Luke's Parish after being assigned a new role.
Fr. Michel Corriveau is welcomed to St. Luke's as our parish priest.
21 October: St Luke's Day celebrations, starting with 10:00am Mass followed by a Family Day with exhibitions and activities for the children. Everyone is welcome to our celebration of the feast of our parish's patron saint.

23 October: St Luke's Day celebrations, starting with 10:00am Mass followed by a Family Day.

June: A successful Thanksgiving/Stewardship renewal campaign is run.

August: Fr. Vel Maglica is welcomed to St. Luke's as our parish priest

July: A representation of our parish youth make their pilgrimage to Sydney to join in the celebration of the Papal Mass for World Youth Day.

15 April: Sadly, Fr Tim Tolan passes away after illness.

15 October: St Luke's Day celebrations, and launch of publication to commemorate this special day.

September: Men's Brunch - Guest speaker is William Green (WEG).

May: Ladies' Brunch - Guest speaker is Stephanie Eynon.

5 February: 25th anniversary celebrations, including Mass celebrated by Sir Frank Little and special guests Sr Aileen and Sr Mary. Mass includes presentation of time capsule followed by celebrations in parish and school grounds.
October: Maria Newbigin resigns as pastoral associate.

October, St Luke's Day: Extensions and renovations blessed by FrTim.

April to August: Parish office extension and renovations to presbytery.
Church and surrounds require repairs. Harvest quarterly magazine commences with initial team of Geoff Tracey, John Edwards, Brian Lewis and Alf Norman.
September: RCIA program commences with six candidates.
Leadership Ministry team formed - Geoff Tracey, Fiona Gribbin, Fr Tim, Marg Booth, John Wain, Chris Williams, Gerard Corbett, Sheila Thompson, Maria Newbigin.

May: Family Ministry course graduation - five from St Luke's - Vivian Allard, Maree Davis, Helen Wood, Geoff Tracey and Cathy Carroll Browne.

Stephanie Eynon is appointed principal of St Luke's school (1998-2006).
Nola McCarthy is acting principal at St Luke's school.

22 June: Fr Tim Tolan appointed parish priest.

21 June: Fr Michael Miles' term as administrator ends.
Maria Newbigin commences as pastoral associate.

1 July: Fr Michael Miles is appointed as administrator. School administration building refurbished.

30 June: Fr Maurie Cooney's term as administrator ends.
March: First of nine successive annual Labour Day camping trips to Paradise Valley (near Glenmaggie) of St Luke's families (1992-2000). Evelyn Morgan- Brooker becomes new principal of St Luke's school (1992-1996).

1 September: Fr Bill's Mass of Thanksgiving is held at St Luke's. Volunteers from the parish design a special backdrop quilt symbolising Bill's faith journey (this was later nicknamed 'Bill's Doona').

31 August: Fr Bill is ordained to the priesthood at St Patrick's cathedral.

23 February: Parish fete.
15 September: Bill Peperkamp is ordained as deacon by Bishop Perkins at St Luke's Wantirna.

28 January: Fr Maurie Cooney arrives at St Luke's as administrator.

27 January: Fr John leaves St Luke's.

15 September: Consecration of new church of St Luke by Archbishop Frank Little.

17 August: Wahid Riad is ordained at St Patrick's cathedral. Wahid celebrates first Mass of Thanksgiving at St Luke's after completing his pastoral year at St Luke's under the guidance of Fr. John and Sr Mary.

Easter: Church completed prior to Holy Week and Easter services are held in the new church. First baptism is held in the new church with Matthew George baptised on Easter Sunday.

March: Parish picnic to Ferny Creek.

24 December: First Christmas Mass held in an unfinished church.

5 August: Archbishop Little blesses the foundation stone.

2 July: Building of church commences by Reid Wood & Associates.

5 June: Bishop Perkins blesses the proposed church site and prayer balloons are released as soil is turned over to commence construction of the church.

Stephen Cope is new principal of St Luke's school (1984-91).

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December: Sr Mary finishes her five-year ministry at St Luke's.

Because of growing numbers, Sunday Masses increased to four Masses - all are celebrated in the school. Wahid Riad sent to St Luke's for his pastora1 year. Sr Mary prepares to leave St Luke's at the end of the year and hands over the school REC role to Paul Crilly, the state schools' catechists program to Caroline Parry, and leadership roles in other aspects of parish life to those who have been prepared for this.

21 March: Blessing and opening of parish chapel, community centre and priest's residence by Archbishop Little. Saturday and Sunday evening Masses and daily Masses are celebrated in the community centre. Due to ill-health, Sr Aileen leaves St Luke's and is replaced in Term 2 by Lay Principal, Mrs Carmel Lucas (former Vice Principal).

September: Saturday and Sunday Masses celebrated in Stage 2 of school.

16 August: Stage 2 of school is officially opened by Rev Dean Wall.

May: Stage 2 of school (junior building) completed for beginning of Term 2.

July: First group of candidates for Confirmation from St Luke's school.

8 January: Official letter from Archbishop Little declaring the formation of the new parish of Wantirna from parts of Bayswater and Boronia parishes.


9 December: First group of First Communion candidates from St Luke's school. First baptism in St Luke's parish. Paul Broussard is baptised during Mass.

21 October: Official blessing and opening of school by Archbishop Little; blessing of St Joseph's convent.

20 August: School building ready for occupation in the last week of Term 2.

12 August: First Mass held in school building.

10 August: Meeting of parish team with Bishop Perkins and two priest consultants to discuss if St Luke's will become a parish in its own right, or remain attached to St Joseph's.

10 May: Parish meeting at convent where parish boundaries are defined. Parish is divided into 15 regions.

6 February: St Luke's school begins at start of school year in temporary premises at St Joseph's, Boronia. Initial enrolment of 116 children with Sr Aileen as principal. Teachers are Paul Crilly, Jacqie Raymer, Carmel Morris, Geraldine Richards and Sr Mary (RE Coordinator and Adult Faith Education and parish pastoral ministry). Construction commences of new school building at Stokes Road, Wantirna. Daily Masses are celebrated in St Joseph's Convent - open to parishioners.

27 January: Sisters of St Joseph, Aileen Shanahan and Mary Ryan arrive and move into house (purchased by Boronia parish in 1978 for $48,000) in 15 Haileybury Court, Wantirna. Sisters' appointment, called a 'Frontier Team', is for a five-year term, to finish at the end of 1983. Their mandate is to work in collaboration with the priest/s and parishioners to establish the school and parish community, then handover to parishioners.

Establishment of St Luke's school - staff and community.


18 December: Bishop Eric Perkins celebrates Mass at Regency Park primary school and afterwards leads congregation up the hill to bless the site and plant trees.

May: Commencement of Masses at Regency Park state school (this was to continue through until August 1979). Request by Fr Cross to Sisters of St Joseph to provide sisters for this new parish.

Approval and planning for commencement of first stage of the school (not named St Luke's until 1979).

Early committee formed by Fr John Cross, parish priest of St Joseph's Boronia to look at establishing a separate parish and school to serve the developing Wantirna area.

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